Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Welcome and have a cup of Art!

Welcome to the premier posting on Eye Witnessed. In this space I will try to share with the reader, both ongoing progress on the creation of our Eye Witness graphic novels, including book two entitled: Acts of the Spirit,(see: www.headpress.info )...as well as revelations and spiritual inspirations I have during its creation, during my on-going research, or that I have during daily quiet time....which is when I have the best conversations with God! To get a thumbnail overview of me and my testimonial, visit: http://www.headpress.info/about_luedke.html

Just to get this started on the right foot...I include the just completed cover illustration for Acts of the Spirit. This piece was conceptualize by myself as an acrylic painting in March 2005, then as a pen/ink illustration, (which will actually appear within the book itself), then finally this version...which was rendered as a monochromatic wash painting by fantasy illustrator, Tommy Castillo, (www.tommycastillo.com), and then colored by Carsten Bradley, (www.longhairproductions.com/vagabondarts).