Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2013 Appearance Schedule for Robert Luedke

Hey's my tentative appearance/travel schedule for 2013*

1/12-13     AlbuquerqueComic Con      
1/25-27     Amazing Arizona (Phoenix, AZ)    
2/9-10       Sci-Fi Expo (Irving, TX)       
2/22-24      Portland Comic Con       
3/1-3          Emerald City Comic Con (Seatle, WA)      
3/15-17      Megacon (Orlando, FL)      
3/23-24      Lonestar Comic Con (San Antonio, TX)      
3/29-31      Wondercon (Anaheim, CA)        
4/6-7          Planet Comic Con (Kansas City, MO)      
4/19-21      Cape Comic Con (Cape Guiradeau, MO)    l
4/26-28      C2E2 (Chicago, IL)          
5/17-19       Dallas Comic Con (Irving, TX)      
5/24-26       Comicpalooza  (Houston, TX)       
5/30-6/1      Denver Comic Con            
6/21-23       Texas Comic Con (San Antonio, TX)      
6/28-30       Wizard's- New York Con         
7/17-21       Comic Con International (San Diego, CA)       
8/2-4           Space City Comic Con (Houston, TX)        
8/8-11         Chicago Comic Con        
8/22-15        Fan Expo (Toronto, Canada)       
9/7-8            Baltimore Comic Con            
9/20-22        Project Comic Con (St. Louis, MO)      
10/11-13      New York Comic Con        
10/18-20      Nashville Comic Con   
11/1-3          Comikaze (LA, CA)       
11/22-23      AustinComic Con      

*Not all of these events have been finalized and there may be some editions as we get into the year. 

Hope to see you out on the road in '13!

RJ Luedke