Sunday, December 31, 2006

Biblical art project still lives

Just to update those who have been sending me email about when the "visions" project is going to get off the ground, (see posting: ARE YOU A CLOSET CHRISTIAN ARTIST, from 8.25.06).

To make sure we do this project justice, in both in production, distribution and marketing phases, we (Tim and I) are attempting to locate some outside capital specifically for this project, prior to getting the wheels of product started.

Given our industry experiences we have a pretty good feel on what we'll need to do this at the high quality standard we have in mind and want to have all the resources we'll need in place prior to making any commitments to the wonderful array of artists we have lined up.

There currently are a couple people and/or organizations that have shown an interest that we are in in discussion just sit tight, and you should be getting some word soon as to when we'll get off and running with this project, (which has generated a lot of excitment with book buyers I have spoken too over the last few months).

Stay tuned.

R. Luedke