Thursday, January 26, 2012

Odds and Ends...

Hey Gang,

As we embark upon 2012, a lot of stuff is already cookin' in my world.  So I thought I'd share a bit.

A. Noted horror author, Sue Dent, (who I lovingly refer to as "Queen of the Christian Undead"), has contacted me about adapting her fascinating Novelia, "Electric Angel", into a graphic novel.  After reading it over, I jumped at the opportunity to work on one of Sue's properties....'cause I've long been a big fan of her work.

As part of the financing for the project, Sue is currently running a Kickstarter fundraising campaign.  Here is a link on YouTube.   If you're already a fan of Sue's or just a fan of my work, check it out and if it sounds interesting see what you can do to help insure this collaboration can happen!

B. I've made an addition to my 2012 appearance schedule.  The same weekend I'm going to be at the Sci-Fi Expo (at the Irving Convention Center, Feb. 11th-12th), I'm also going to be exhibiting and painting live at the fourth annual Underground Art show.  The event will take place just south of Downtown Dallas, at the Southside @ Lamar Complex and run from 8pm-12midnight on Sat. Feb. 11th.  So hopefully, I'm going to be seeing a lot of old friends from the DFW area!

I'm going to be doing the finishes on a multi-media Joker illustration I've designed, so come on out and scoop up the original piece...which will eventually be made into a limited edition print!

ArtLoveMagic is the promoter/producer of this event and it promises to be a wonderful evening of food, drink, art and entertainment with over 100 artists and performers.  The show has grown exponentally each year it's been held and they're expecting in access of 1200 people this year!  FYI...if you'd like to get first shot at all the art for sale and like a private room to chill out in (as well as free food and drink) snag of the 200 VIP passes for the event!

C. This last item is still in it's formative stage, but I've been granted permission to hold a charity event at this year's Dallas Comic Con (May 18th-20th @ the Irving Convention Center) to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project (which generates funds to help out wounded vets and their families).  It's going to take the shape of a live art event/auction, where many of the attending artists will be creating works live and (hopefully) many others and the attending celeb's will donate other items for auction..

As the details begin to come together you'll be the first to know!

R.J. Luedke