Thursday, August 02, 2012

Aurora Tribute Print

Hey gang,

Once again I find myself using my talents and my connections to lovers of the comic arts to help those in need...and this time in those in need from our family of comic lovers.

I've created this image as a fundraising vehicle to help families who were victims of the Aurora, CO shootings on July 20th, 2012.

I'll be selling this piece at my next handful of convention appearances, (including: The Dallas Webcomics Expo and the Chicago Comic Con).  All net proceeds will go to the families, channeled throught the efforts of Jason Farnsworth, owner of All C's Collectibles, of Aurora, CO...who personally knew many of those effected by this tragedy.  Jason will be holding a live event, with creator signings and a live Auction on August 25th-26th at his store (see:

If you can't attend that, or any of my upcoming convention appearances (see:, than go to my website, scroll down to Batman-Aurora Tribute, and order as many as you'd like ($15 a piece plus shipping and Tax where applicable).

Thanks in advance for your support!

RJ Luedke

Robert Luedke to Adapt Electric Angel?

Hey gang,

My good friend and acclaimed horror writer, Author Sue Dent, has started an online campaign to fund my adaptation of her wonderful novella, Electric Angel, into a graphic novel. So if you have a hankerin' to see me dive back into GN and sequential artwork, take a visit and do what you can to help make this a reality in 2013: