Thursday, October 12, 2006

What's the Buzz?

Just wanted to share some of the wonderful comments & reviews we are receiving on Eye Witness: Acts of the Spirit, (book two in the Eye Witness graphic novel trilogy).

"Your artistry really helped bring a great story alive for me. And linking it to the modern day saga only served to heighten the mystery and majesty of what occurred two thousand years ago.”

Alan Palmer
Producer WKCT-AM

“The language of the apostles, the Jews and the Romans in ancient Jerusalem is presented in a contemporary American vernacular. The story of the apostles (especially the conversion of Paul) is told with lively interest. The modern day plot of attempted assassination is equally of interest with its twists, turns, and unexpected developments. Eye Witness: Acts Of The Spirit, is a unique, entertaining, imaginative, and very highly recommended graphic novel for readers of all ages.”
Michael J. Carson
Midwest Book Review

“Luedke’s talent will entice children and young adults to read where they may have resisted previously. The illustrations are beautifully done. The content is a beautiful way to illustrate the love of Christ for each of us. It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend this book to parents that want their children to discover the true story of the resurrection.”

Debra Gaynor
Reader Views
If you would like to share your thoughts on either of the first two Eye Witness graphic novels, (A Fictional Tale of Absolute Truth or Acts of the Spirit), please post your thoughts/review on the "Customer Review" section of our listings on, (
I look forward to seeing your feedback.
Walkin' in the Spirit,
Robert James Luedke

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