Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Inspiration in Frustration...

It's quite easy to wake up each day and believe what's the use?

I'm no different than my neighbor, I'm no better than my brother.

I toil each day just to pay my bills and find I'm always still wanting.

My joys become stretched farther apart and there seems like no point in being me.

Will I ever make a difference?

Will I ever be of note?

Or, am I destined to just being another wheel in a cosmic wrist-watch, that only draws attention when it is broken?

But a light shone upon me and I considered for a moment, that we are all a special creation.

Concieved in a time before time, in a space unlike space,

to be master of a task designed for us and no other.

There can be no point in denying the fingerprint that I am, though sometimes I like to try,

but the challenge will alway be to identify the assignment,

not it's completion.


Robert James Luedke

Copyright 2007

Robert Jamed Luedke, is the Author/Illustrator of the Eye Witness, graphic novel series

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