Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Prayer for an Atheist

I opened my Dallas Morning News today, to read about a man who lives right here in DFW, (Carrollton to be specific), by the name of David Kroft. Mr. Kroft is about to take on the state of Texas in federal district court, over our student's "moment of silence" each morning.

Mr. Kroft has a long history of complaints and actions taken against the school system and his children's school in particular over anything having to do with even mildly suggesting God in what he feels should be a 100% secular setting, (re: No Cub Scout meetings at school because they don't allow atheists; no Silent Night at the Christmas Pagent; doesn't allow his children to say or to stand during the pledge of alligence, because of the words "under God and many more other examples *)...you get the picture!

*I don't know if you can pull the article up online @ www.dallasnews.com, (it's entitled, "Moment of Silence begins court battle", from 8.7/07), but it would be worth it to understand the depths to which Mr. Kroft has been willing to go in this crusade).

As a person who took almost 40 years to embrace the "supernatural" (as Mr. Kroft calls it), in my own life, I don't know whether to be angry with Mr. Croft or have pity on him. Having lived most of my life as a skeptic who believed that Christianity and the concept of God was closer to Star Wars and Lord of the Rings than a healthy way of life, I can understand people who either reject or keep belief in God at arms length...'cause I was one of them. But to see someone who approaches his atheism with an almost evangelical fervor, like Mr. Kroft does, begs the question....why?

When you sit down and listen to, or research the background of many high profile atheists there seems to be a common thread you can find of either pain, devastation or resentment of authority somewhere in their background which many people may not understand. Some might have had a devastating incident somewhere in their past, (death of a family member or loved one, lost of job or career, illness), some may have felt rejected or ostracized by a church or someone representing the church and some may generally just reject the concept of having respect, fear or worshipping "any authority" within their lives, (that was me).

I truly find it kind of hard to believe though, that Mr. Kroft's mission began (as he states in his blog), purely by reading George Orwell's 1984 in high school. We've all heard of this book making people afraid of intrusive government (I.E: the Patriot Act, speeding camera's, police sobriety checkpoints etc...), but that's the first time I've heard people site this book as a reason to reject the concept of God. But I can't help but feel there is something more there...some incident in his past that is eating Mr. Kroft up inside. Maybe only he and his wife know what that is. Maybe he's never shared it with anyone...or even been honest with himself about it!

He will not appreciate it's "supernatural" implications, but after thinking at length about this article, I ask that we all include Mr. Kroft, his wife and especially his children, (who are truly the victims here because of what they must have to endure at school ever time their father goes on the warpath against God, down here in the Belt Buckle of the Bible Belt), in our prayers that God will reach out to him in some way or fashion to help soften his hardened heart and release his emotional burden, so that he might truly be able to heal and find some inner peace.

It is a gesture he would not understand, but as we all know, God always finds a way to reach people...and many times in a way they'd never look to or a time when they least expect it.
Let's make this a chain-prayer...and pass this on to your brothers and sisters on the web!

Whether he wants it or not, we'll all be prayin' for ya David!

R.J. Luedke

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