Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Comic Con Intern'l: part two

Something just occured to me this morning.

Last year at CCI '08, I was the keynote speaker at the Sunday Morning Chapel service and Christian Comics panel. During my seemingly endless discourse, (I tend to ramble when you give me an audience and a mic), I challenged all those in attendance (about 100) to do something over the next year to expand God's Kingdom, whether it be in your home, at work, in your town or during your leisure time activities. My point being, that all of us...every one...are like God's DNA because we are unique. No one has our particular set of skills, educational background and physical attributes. We were all created for some purpose in God's game-plan. The challenge is to not only identify those unique set of abilities we have been gifted with, but then also discovering their purpose. To do so can lead to a satisfaction and joy in life that other more material things can never hope to match.

I bring this all up, because part of my challenge was for the people in attendance to share those things that have accomplished over a year, with me and the Christian Comic Artists Society (CCAS) members at the convention in 2009.

So I feel by not being able to attend this year, I may have not lived up to my part of the bargain. For that I deeply apologize, but that decision was taken out of my hands by forces which I had no control over this year.

But the good news is, the CCAS will be there in force, both at their table in the Small Press Pavilion (M12) and also at that same Sunday Morning Chapel service and Saturday Spiritual Themes in Comics panel (see the program for times and room numbers) connect up with one of them and file your report for the Kingdom. Or, if you'd like, feel free to send me a message by leaving a comment here, or at our contact page on the Head Press Publishing website.

Or, hold on to that news (and add to it) for I will be on hand next year in 2010!

R. J. Luedke

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