Friday, June 10, 2011

Bringing Ghostbuster's To Life

Hey gang,

I received such good feedback on my showing the steps here to creating my Superman/Doomsday print, I decided to do it again.

After 3 con appearances in May, (Nola Con, Dallas Comic Con and Comicpalooza) it became clear to me that there is still a tremendous amount of interest in all things related to Ghostbusters out there!  I do believe at all three events there were fan tables set up there for groups that support and revel in Ghostbuster memorabilia, cosplay and collecting.  So I figured who best to support that interest but the leader of the Ghostbusters, Bill Murray?!

Here's the base illustration in what will become my first Ghostbuster inspired print:

I utilized the icon Murray image from his movie Stripes (which is basically used in the classic "I Want You" for the US Army recruiting poster...seen below) and made it more in step with his look in Ghosterbusters.  Rendered in pencil by Robert Luedke.

Next up: Stage Two, where I take this into photoshop for enhancement.

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