Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Digital Comics: Eye Witness

Hey gang,

Last year about this time I posted my thoughts on the fact that I thought 2011 would be the year that digital comics exploded on to the scene.  Turns out that prediction was fairly accurate, since now all the major publishers are releasing their new material digitally as well as through the traditional printed versions...with some even doing so simultaneously (which was unthinkable just a year or two ago).

At Head Press Publishing, we also fell in line with the changing reading habits of young people (who I think are dominating this new trend, if my son is any indication), as my Eye Witness series is now available for virtually any type of digital platform or device you could mention (outside of Amazon's....due to their behind the times spec. requirements).

But for those of you who might have joined the digital reading movement by getting a reader or tablet for Christmas, here's some places to check out that provide digital versions of the award winning Eye Witness series:

Graphicly ....which I list first for a couple reasons.  1. The offer versions of all four books that come with exclusive production art and commentary by me about the making of the series...and 2. because they offer the material in multiple formats for the widest variety of hardware.

Publit ....which is the site to get books-comics for your Barnes & Nobel, Nook readers.

DriveThruComics ....which is a very popular site for a wide variety of titles and THE EXCLUSIVE distributor of the HARD COPY EDITION of  Eye Witness: Book One (Revised Edition).

Comixology ....another very popular site for a huge variety of titles.

Enjoy....and in 2012 watch for an announcement...coming soon.... about my latest launch (or relaunch) into the world of digital publishing!

Happy New Year!!!

RJ Luedke

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