Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wizard World Texas Feedback

I wanted to file my report on this year's Wizard World-Texas convention.

This was the fourth time I've done this convention, since I began the Eye Witness series ( and I'm happy to report that this was...far and away...the best year for sales I've had here!

The last time I did the show was in 2006, and I was disappointed in both the lack of attendence but also the lack of interested customers at that show. So I didn't have a whole lot of expectations for this year's version. I don't know what the Wizard gang had did differently since then, but for a relatively small venue, there was a real heathly flow of people from open to close on both Friday and Saturday.

It was real refreshing to see how many people stopped by my table that had bought one of the earlier editions of Eye Witness and were excited to see the third. I hadn't seen this much repeat business from previous visits, since Comic Con International.

Also during the con, the Heroes for Heroes gang was on hand both on the exhibit floor and during Saturday night's live art auction, where they raised over $24,000, (see:
Here's my contribution, (my animated style Heath Ledge inspired Joker):

...and here's a pic of me working on the piece.

But overall this was a very good show for the fans, because there even though there was not a whole lot of awe-inspiring exhibits (ala CCI San Diego) there was a sizeable artists alley where both legendary creators, self & small press publishers and those artists looking to get their foot in the door...all hobb-knobbed directly with them.

My overall highlight came on the first day, when I spoke with a young man who let me know that he'd watched my Eye Witness developments over the last few years on the web and he was in awe to be talking to me in person. That's the first time I believe someone's been "in awe" of me (LOL)! But seriously, he went on to share that I had inspired him to also do comics that were spiritually uplifting.

It's little things like this that make all the headaches and hardwork, seem worth it!

R.J. Luedke

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