Thursday, October 29, 2009

Eye Witness Graphic Novels Come to iPhones


I'm very excited to announce that Eye Witness has now entered into a whole new method of distribution with its release in the Comixology iphone application.

To begin with, Comixology is the first place outside of our own website where comic and graphic novel fans can purchase the revised and remastered edition of Eye Witness: A Fictional Tale of Absolute Truth. This first graphic novel in the Eye Witness tetraology, is broken up into three parts for this app. Each part costs only 99 cents, so it's quite a bargain! The next chapter in the Eye Witness saga, (Acts of the Spirit) will be offered in a similar serialized format soon.

To purchase the Comixology app. for your iphone, visit the iphone app store. Once you have the Comixology app in place on your phone, you can search by Title, publisher (Head Press Publishing) or Genre (Christian), to purchase Eye Witness...or just go to the Eye Witness page on the Comixology website.


Since 2007, through it's comiXology brand, Iconology, Inc. has been working to expose more people to the world of comics, through and related applications. We are uniquely situated to connect all parts of the comic book industry: consumers, distributors, publishers and creators., comic book retailer tools, iPhone and Blackberry apps and digital comics are all connected through the comiXology platform.

Here's a quick tour of the Comixology application and how it will revolutionize the way you read comics and graphic novels:

R. J. Luedke


Justin said...

Wow this is great, congrats! I pray all is well, and I plan on coping the Eye Witness with the next week or two.

When you have some time, would you mind reading my latest post and let me know how it reads/comes off? It's a very important topic I've been dealing with, so I'm curious to know it comes off. Take care and have a blessed weekend.

R. Luedke said...

Thanks Justin..and I did enjoy the thoughts you shared in this post and invite other readers of my blog to visit your site.