Friday, August 08, 2008

AOL MESH TEAM did it again!

Friends and associates....if you are trying to email me currently at my aol address and get the mail returned, it because the mysterious MESH TEAM is at it again!

Because I sent out a group of emails to former purchasers of Eye Witness from our website and one of them (who I'll guess was with AOL) must have sent it to their spam folder....they said I have violated the terms of service...despite this being an opt in list. Understand it does matter if what you mail out is actually spam with these people, but if someone you've mailed to chooses to report it as spam, (because maybe they don't like you, resent your business practices, are having a bad day or just want to create a problem for someone), that's all they need to take this action!

As reported previously, this MESH team seems to do this quite often and quite arbritrarily and the AOL member is not even given the chance to answer his accuser (so to speak). The only option you get is to write them a letter.

But fortunately this go round I'm a bit better while I'll try to get this reinstated once again, but I may just move on. I'll keep you appraised.

But until that is determined, please email me at... ...if you need to get a hold of me or respond to my mail.



Anonymous said...

I have been MESHED OFF as of yesterday and as with everyone else was given the address in Va. to write to with no explanation or warnings. I want to get to the bottom of this but I can tell you I will NEVER be an AOL customer again after this. I am AMAZED at the amount of people complaining about this same thing. Why no warning or chance to find out what it is that caused this is unreal. WHat are the chances that a conventional letter will be opened read AND responded to? I have messages and things saved from my husband in IRAQ and if they cause me to lose these special and important irreplaceable things I will be very upset. I couldn't imagine being a business owner and losing all of your important contacts and not being able to get the word out to customers or colegues. There is a big problem here!

R. Luedke said...

I hope you can get this stuff back! Don't just write the letter to the mesh team, but send a copy to Kim Partoll (VP of customer service) and follow that up with a phone call to her office...that seems to get some action, (depending on your specific circumstances of course).

Anonymous said...

I was MESH'd, too, thanks to an AOL identity thief who did/said some apparently awful things to other AOL members while masquerading as my screenname. You cannot tell the difference. It's identical. That's partly thanks to AOL's continued use of the same screen font for screennames, which allows malicious people to mimic other names (and also because AOL allows upper & lower case letters). So a capital "I" is identical to a lower case "L", for instance.

Anyway, I wonder if you've got the e-mail address or other contact info for Kim Partoll or any other Customer Service manager at AOL. OR, anyone at the "MESH Team". I really need to ask them to learn all the things this cyber impostor guy did (some I witnessed one night in a chatroom). And I want to report him!

To this day AOL probably doesn't know about him nor the things he was doing 'in my name'. I was suddenly told in a chatroom "I" was being reported (even though I'd done nothing, not even chatted with them) even though it wasn't me. If you view the 2 screennames together, you could only read my screenname. AOL needs to learn about this guy but wouldn't talk to me after unexpectedly closing my account (nor any warnings beforehand).

R. Luedke said...

Ms. Patroll can be reached by snail mail at:

AOL Executive V.P./Customer Relations
22000 AOL Way
Dulles, VA 20166

Phone #: 703-265-3226

The Mesh Team:

Attn: Mesh Team
22270 Pacific Blvd.
Dulles, VA 20166

Neither gives out any email addresses. Send a letter snail mail (priority mail, so you can track) and leaving phone message followup.

Anonymous said...

I noticed Kim Partoll was let go in September 2009. Any idea who is now in charge of Customer Relations at AOL? I do need to write to them ASAP. I'd prefer not to write directly to the MESH team, but to a key person/manager with that responsibility and authority. And a current phone number, if that one has changed. Thanks.

R. Luedke said...

sorry to hear you're going through this. The contact info I've presented was up to date back when I did the original posting.

If Ms. Patr0ll is no longer there then you need to call up their offices to see who her replacement is (and if you can't find a replacement name just forward to VP Customer relations).

The information I developed was from my doing the legwork both by phone and online to see who I could deal with outside the black-ops mesh team.

good luck!