Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rise of the the News!

Hey Gang....

Just wanted to give you an update on the coverage generated by Eye Witness: Rise of the Apostle, (which is exciting, since it just released nationally a week or so ago...depending on your region of the country):

Publishers Weekly:

Tulsa World Newspaper:

Midwest Book Review, (which has included it in it's latest Children's Bookwatch edition):

...a podcast of an interview recently done on FAMILY LIFE RADIO NETWORK:

.....and just FYI, the World Magazine did a wonderful piece on the rise of the graphic novel in pop culture (one of the most comprehensive I've ever read on the history), that at it's core talked about the movement of Christian based comic and graphic novels...some good (Eye Witness included...yeah!) and some not so good:

Enjoy my friends...and always keep spreading the Word!

R.J. Luedke

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