Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Friends, I've done the impossible again and returned for a second time from the AOL-MESH-TEAM gravyard!

What is the moral to this story?...the way the AOL TOS is now set up, (and they confirm this), they do not want ANYONE to use their AOL accounts for ANY TYPE of commerical applications. To give you an idea of how easily they can close your account down, their current TOS, include things like "that if you send an email with a hyperlink to ANY commercial web sites", that is grounds for termination...even if you're just trying to show a friend something you found on the web!

How many of you did this in the last week, let alone the last day or two?

So this time we'll learn our lesson and work to duplicate all we have saved on their servers and prepare to move on to a more friendly commerical enviroment.

And for the lovely person who thought it would be hoot to report my newsletter as spam...ha, ha-ha, ha-ha...haaaaa!


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